The best betting strategies, this is how a large number of people google in search of finding their golden strategy. But in their head they usually have the wrong picture of reality. More than once I saw, heard and read on the forums about how, in their search, the popans are looking for a betting strategy according to the following parameters: A miserable bank to start, for example, 10-20 dollars. The second parameter is some kind of wildly unrealistic profitability, in order to raise from your miserable $20 bank, I quote: well, $3 a day, that’s not much. Well, and thirdly, this is so that these very best betting strategies do not strain his brain by searching for matches, analyzing statistics, watching matches, and so on.

Small bank – only a beginner will think that you can consistently earn good money on bets with a small bank. Well, and still people whose brains are swollen with fat. I think the initial threshold for entering rates is from 30 thousand minimum! But again – there is no verified strategy – sit and drive on a demo account!

Yield – $3 per day with $20 in the bank, that’s 450% per month! Yes, yes, easy mathematics, but they want exactly this -300 rubles a day is not a lot, it’s only 450% per month of income. Honestly, who knows such strategies, in which everything is stable and the income is 450% per month – I am ready to give you a kidney if you prove that there is such a thing. P.S surebets are not a strategy – they are surebets)

No need to think – any strategy, absolutely any, will work many times better if you turn on your head and understand the sport you bet on.

Lack of permanence

There is such a funny thing as: The player finds a strategy, tests it for 2 weeks, and if it gives a minus, or a small plus, he forgets about it and runs to the Internet again to find a new strategy and play on it. As a result, during the year such a player retested more than 20-30 strategies and everything is not right! But with such tests, you can only go to wipe yourself, and not draw conclusions! But the second act happens more often than the first.

Therefore, the test should first of all be tested at a distance of 500 stakes, and ideally 1000-1500 stakes. Then the real picture will be visible and a hand full of this strategy. That is, you will upgrade yourself as a player by sharpening your skills for this scheme. Therefore, the best sports betting strategies exist and you often do not use them, because you have tested too little.


There is only one result, before you shout that there are no normal strategies, that you can’t make money on bets – take the trouble to do a normal test of your chosen strategy. The best betting strategies exist and there are many more than you might think. And remember, making money in inserts is painstaking and sometimes monotonous exhausting work, and if you are not ready for this, then it is better not to come into this area in order to earn money.

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