It is best to set a certain period for yourself, after which you need to evaluate the quality of bets. Some of the bettors set the distance for a calendar year. But professional cappers advise starting from the season.

So, using football as an example, we will consider why goals in betting are important. Usually, the football season lasts for 9-10 months. It is desirable to divide this period into cycles. I will get eight segments of 5 weeks each, according to the calendar – four before the New Year, and 4 after.

Medium and long term goals in sports betting

This means that the distance should start around August, when the leading European championships and the qualifying rounds of European competitions start. Personally, I set a goal of 100% increase the pot during this period. Therefore, I need a strategy according to which I will earn about 10-15% per period. It is clear that I will not give up profits of 20-25% monthly. But at the same time, I understand very well that failures cannot be avoided. That is why I set a goal by the end of spring to multiply the starting capital at least twice.

It is difficult to count on such earnings without experience in betting and a large bank. Without these two components, rarely anyone manages to play “plus”. Especially, this applies to the initial stage, when the main goal is not to go “in the red”. During this period, the bettor should focus on gaining experience and testing a strategy that should bring dividends in the future.

The goal when playing with an average bank can be changed. For example, players can set the bar for getting 100% income even in one 5-week cycle. To do this, you need to apply more aggressive betting strategies, which will automatically greatly increase the risks of being left with nothing. With a minimum bank, goals are usually set to multiply the balance in general in a couple of days. Of course, you will have to take even more risks, and it is far from a fact that money will remain in the bank after the first two or three bets.

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